05. Dezember 2021
16:00 bis 19:00

Workshop Series in Klein Technique™

Kompanie merighi | mercy proudly presents:

Workshop series in Klein Technique™ with Susan Klein

hosted by Streamworld Tanz Station – Barmer Bahnhof


The workshop series will be held in English and online via Zoom.

Registration: info.merighimercy@gmail.com

Join us. Breathe! Stretch! Connect!!


Sunday, December 5, 2021
Klein Technique™ – Working equally with both energy and structure

We are bound to our bodies and to gravity. These are laws of reality and nature we must embrace and work with. We are bound to structure; both within our body and to the external structures we develop for our choreography and ourselves. These structures must be clearly studied and understood, analyzed, and then synthesized and put into active use. The energetics in our body can be described as movement. These energetics provide movement within our structure, movement within stillness. They are the connections or relationships within our bodies, within our structure, that bring movement to the system and allows for our mutability, mobility and life force. Conversely, our forms and structures provide a container or context for movement. To move or dance well we must work and understand how to work equally with both energy and structure.




Following workshops:


Sunday, January 9, 2022
Klein Technique™ – Working on the level of the bone rather than from the muscles: dancing from who we are rather than what has happened to us

Bone is the deepest and densest tissue of the body, and thus it conducts the greatest currents of energy. Bone does not yield to gravity, but acts as a conduit, conducting energy, and connecting us to the system of nature, to the greater whole. It is bone that holds our selfidentity, our essential selves, and our will power, as it is not reactive tissue. Muscle is reactive tissue and holds our history, the memories of our lives. Dropping down to the level of the bone and below the superficial and deceptive strength of the muscles we access true strength connected to the knowledge of self-identity and the spirit of will power available in the bone.


Sunday, February 6, 2022
Klein Technique™ – Working with the paradox of the lower connections

Our lower connections, the sitz bones to heels, and the triangular connection from the coccyx to the front of the heels, both connect us to the ground. The sitz bones to heels connection create stability, grounding and bring us access to all that the earth freely has to offer. The triangular connection from the coccyx to the front of the heels creates mobility. While both these connections ultimately bring the pelvis on top of the legs and connect us and enable us to move from the ground, they very interestingly create and solve the working paradox between stability and mobility. Standing your ground with stillness and with movement.